Sakura : Higarino

Higarino Profile:
She was born on May 11th, 1992 and is from Okinawa. Her birth name is Rino Higa. Her first mass audience appearance was in the Photobook "Okinawa Bishoujo Zukan", a collection of the top teen beauty queens from Okinawa. Consequently, she was chosen by the WILLCOM mobile phone company to be the "Image Girl" for their Okinawa advertising campaigns. Following this she made her own CD music debut. Lately she appears regularly on several, nationwide TV programs. Much is expected of the talented, young performer in the future.

Aoi : Mai Tsujimoto
Mai Tsujimoto

Mai Tsujimoto Profile:
She was born on February 6th, 1987 and is from Okinawa. Although her hobbies include recreational dancing and cooking, she is a professionally trained dancer and worked for well known theme parks in their dance shows for four years following high school. A talent scout saw her during this time and recruited her for mass entertainment. She continues to do theater and promotional films, but appears most often in nationwide TV commercial campaigns. This is her first time to appear in a feature film. From now, she is expected to have much more work as an actress.