Making a Zombie Movie in Japan

When I was writing the script of the film some four years back, I didn’t really think of this film as a “zombie” film. Although it definitely should fall into the greater “zombie horror” genre, the film is much more about the journey of a girl faced by a perplexing threat that doesn’t always follow traditional zombie rules. I won’t elaborate on this here since it would be too many spoilers. Having said this, I still think calling this section “Making a Zombie Movie in Japan” is about as precise as it can be though.

The real question is – Do you really care? Probably not, but if you happen to fall into that very thin slice of humanity that wants to make a zombie film in Japan or you just love all things Japanese, then maybe you’ll want to read on. For me, the making of the film was such a fascinating, stimulating, grueling and traumatic process that it just makes sense to write about it if even for catharsis.

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